At Monaco Indoor Karting, safety is our top priority for all drivers and our crew. To maintain these high safety standards, the following kart racing driver requirements have been developed:

Upon arrival, the first step is to fill out a liability waiver. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver, or download the minor waiver form and have the form notarized if parent/guardian will not be present. All Adult drivers must be at least 56” (4′ 8″) tall and ready to race with closed toe shoes. We do not offer two seat karts for adults or juniors. All Junior Drivers must be at least 6+ years and 4′ (48″) tall. Parents can drive in a junior race at junior speed.

All racers must then watch a short kart racing safety video, which will educate the racers about the karts, track, and other racing guidelines. Each guest will receive safety equipment including a DOT approved full face helmet and head sock. Our karts are high performance racing machines, and there are multiple safety features on the kart itself including a roll bar and a safety harness.

Kart Racing Safety: Once the race begins the track marshals are in charge. Utilizing race flags and lights, the track marshals will control the race’s pace and passing on the track. Track marshals have the final determination as to whether or not a racer may continue after being black flagged.

NO BUMPING. For the safety of all racers on the track, any racer that is driving inappropriately by contacting the barriers or other karts will be immediately removed from the track.

at Octane Raceway



(the first and last lap are full course caution laps, there is no passing during a yellow lap)


Please move over and let the faster traffic pass you


Come to a complete stop and wait for further instructions


– Pull over and talk to the track marshal due to improper driving