The Warped Wall is the same type of obstacle challenge you see on the American Ninja Warrior. They make it look easy, but you and your friends and family will have a blast trying to make it to the top!

This classic obstacle may seem like just a slightly curved wall, but the main focus to successfully completing this obstacle is the mental and physical preparation. Since the Warped Wall has a short runway, it is ideal for contestants to use one fluid motion for a successful climb.

Generating enough speed and energy is necessary for jumping and grabbing the top ledge of the Warped Wall.

Warped Wall Tips

The winning formula for completing the Warped Wall is: Run, Jump, Grip.

RUN: Getting a fast start is absolutely necessary – as it takes immense training to instantly sprint. The idea is to use the weight of your body as inertia to plant your feet down in the ideal spots. This important step is then transitioned to a jumping motion.

JUMP: From your jump, the contestant’s weight is shifted to gain height. This jumping motion is crucial to get as much of the wall under your feet as possible. When jumping, think of yourself as a frog – leaping from one distant rock to another.

GRIP: With arms stretched all the way overhead, that’s when the upper body’s strength is tested. The idea is to get a solid grip with two hands and pull yourself up to the top. If you can get all three of these principles performed in one fluid motion, the Warped Wall is conquered.



Sneakers must be worn to run up warped walls for your safety. Staff has right to check soles of guests sneakers to make sure there is sufficient grip.